About Us

Where the weird and wild come to life...


Sara's Pets and Plants is a small, independently owned pet store opened in October 2018. We sell pets, plants, pet and plant products, and everything else in between! You can find exotic reptiles, amphibians, fish, small mammals, insects, and birds at the store. 

We focus on educating customers on the best pet and plant care information in order to give pets and plants the best life possible. 

Stop in to see the permanent residents of the store: Tuutie the rescue lab, Olaf the rescue cat, Burt the bearded dragon, Winston the guinea pig, and Large Marg the 11ft red tailed boa. 



We pride ourselves in taking in, and adopting out as many animals as possible. Most pet store sell animals that come from breeders or from the wild. Why buy from a breeder when there are so many animals already in the pet trade that need need a loving home?

We currently have a partnership with Humane Animal Rescue; working  together to re-home animals of all species.

About the Owner, Sara.


Sara grew up loving and caring for all animals; so much so, that she decided to make a career out of it! She graduated from Penn State with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. During that time she interned at the Pittsburgh Zoo, and Humane Animal Rescue, Wildlife Center, and also studied wildlife conservation, ecology, and biology in Tanzania. She then moved to Dubai to work as a biologist in a rainforest biodome, and quickly became the department head of reptiles and amphibians. She has worked with and studied hundreds of different exotic species, and she loves that she can now share her knowledge and love for animals with customers at the store.